About what2cooktonight

The idea of what2cooktonight came to me one day after struggling to find cook something special for the evening. 

I love to try different recipes, and I thought it would be good to have a web site to reach my recipes straight away.

So this site is my electronic recipe book, as well as a place where friends can contribute or use as a source of cooking inspiration.

Bunch of thanks to Tribiq Team setting up the site for me.

About me

My name is Arife Vural. I am Turkish. I have lived outside Turkey for more than 8 years. I have had chances to enjoy different food while I was living in Holland, and now live in UK. I have some French friends. Through them, I have great chance to taste and learn more about French food. I am hoping to gather receipes from different cusines as well as Turkish receipes.

I hope you will find something for your taste here.



Cheesecake with blackberry topping

This receipe is one of my favorite receipe I got from Anne. It is easy to make, quite refreshing.

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Halloumi cheese with tomatoes

If you have never tried halloumi cheese before, you should enjoy the taste of Meditterranean with this receipe.